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  Entertainment Services are:  SOLO, DUO, TRIO & UP TO A 6 PIECE BAND, Stand Up Comedy as well as DJ & booking services.

 Description: Live shows consist of all kinds of music: Solo act includes acoustic renditions of popular contemporary music mixed
with comedic & musical improvisations. This format often leads to
an involved audience.  From sincere background music to a full-blown over-the-top show, an event of any kind is a good time.
The band is made up of a cast of seasoned professional
musicians from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  These players are mixed and matched to suit any situation.

The band includes:  Keyboards, Drums, Saxophone, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Banjo, Peddle Steel and Percussion.

DJ services: include the best and often most obscure tracks of Classic Rock (new and old), Alternative, Oldies, Country, Disco and Dance party, Big Band, Classical, Jazz & Jazz Standards, Blues, New Age, Rap, Hip Hop, Salsa, Techno & World Music.

 Playing house music works well when playing it before, during (on the breaks) and after live a performances. It can keep an event well-rounded, interesting, lively and prolonged. Live performance accompanied by the DJ service is a good and balanced combination of music and it help provide a total entertaining &  listening experience.

We play:

Bars, Clubs and Pubs
Corporate Parties
(parties of all kinds)
Outdoor Bashes
(outdoor concert sound system available for larger events)
(all kinds, from casual to formal.

Live and DJ music combined)

Event Hosting

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