641 10th Avenue

New York, NY 10036

212-247-6425  Phone

570-350-7319  Cell    

E-mail tomriccobono@hotmail.com




Tom Riccobono           Height: 5’9”     Weight: 250 lbs.   Hair: Brown   Eyes: Hazel

Work Experience


Carolines, Gotham Comedy Club, Ha Comedy Club,
     Stand Up New York, Comedy Cellar, Comic Strip Live, New York Comedy Club and Dillon’s Cabaret.
     (Music / Comedy)   Full time in the Tri-State Area.
Fernwood Resort, Shawnee Inn Country Club, Tamiment Resort,
     Sky Top Lodge Resort, Mount Airy Lodge Resort, Pocmont Resort, Camelback,
     Ski Area, Shawnee Ski Area, The Boat House, Woodlock Pines Resort.
     Pocono 500 NASCAR Race 1996 (Performance of Star-Spangled Banner)
Tropicana,  Atlantic City

NYC: The Back Fence, Red Lion, Kenny's Castaways, Waterloo, A & M Road House,
     Sutton Place, Rathbones, 1849,
Gold Rush, Manhattan Yacht Charters  Cruises,
     City Hall Restaurant, Club Europa.



Channel 13 Blue Ridge Cable TV (Poconos)     

    Insight w/ George Roberts (My Biography ˝ Hour)

New York-New York Show (MNN Network Ch 57)    

   Stand Up Comedy 

Saturday Night Live

   Skit with Jude Law (October 23rd 2004)
Saturday Night Live                                                   

   Skit with Liam Neeson (November 13th 2004)
Saturday Night Live                                                   

   Skit with Lindsey Lohan (May 21st 2005)
Stand In/Brian The Apprentice (NBC)  CJ World Wide Productions INC.
Member of AFTRA
(American Federation on Telivison and Radio Actors)



Martin Demaat (Second City TV)                             Improv

Eddie Brill  (Late Night with David Letterman)     Hosting/Emceeing Workshop  
Eddie Brill
                                                                  Advanced Comedy Workshop
Eric Hanson                                                               Management Workshop       

Maxine Marx (Marx Brothers)                                 Commercial Acting

Don Lawrence                                                           Vocal Coach

Marty Lawrence                                                         Vocal Coach

Angie Farrentino                                                       Acting

Marci Phillips (ABC Casting)                                   Auditioning for Prime Time TV Workshop

Special Skills


Advanced Guitar player and singer (American Federation of Musicians - Local 577)

Harmonica, Bass, Banjo & Piano.                         

Can play guitar and dance at the same time.

Uncanny ability to impersonate any celebrity voice.
(Meat Loaf, Axle Rose, Bee Gees, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley,
      Billy Joel, Neil Young, Sting, Beatles, Judas Priest, Paul Simon, U2).                                      

Many original character voices in various vocal ranges, tones &  dynamics.

Able to become host to the spirit of Chris Farley.
Ski Race Announcer – Jeep/Eagle Ski Racing – 3 Seasons (1995 to 1998)
● Performs with various degrees of energy from “serious-sedate” to  “very
      sweaty-high energy-intense and over-the-top”.
Excellent with Kids, Doggy and Baby-Talk.